Making Workplaces Safe, Supportive and Sought-After


Human Resource Essential, LLC provides consulting and training addressing all aspects of workplace violence.

Workplace Violence – Domestic Violence – Communication – Bullying – Harassment

Did you know the CDC reports?:

  • Costs of intimate partner violence (IPV) against women alone in 1995 exceeded an estimated $5.8 billion. These costs included nearly $4.1 billion in the direct costs of medical and mental health care and nearly $1.8 billion in the indirect costs of lost productivity (CDC 2003).
  • This is generally considered an underestimate because the costs associated with the criminal justice system were not included.
  • When updated to 2003 dollars, IPV costs exceeded $8.3 billion, which included $460 million for rape, $6.2 billion for physical assault, $461 million for stalking, and $1.2 billion in the value of lost lives

We know…

Lost workdays and lost productivity are known as the biggest siphons of corporate profitability we have. These siphons usually are created by things that are happening outside the workplace.
Our expertise is guiding business through a process that translates domestic abuse to determine the financial and human toll on organizations.

Making your workplace more Safe, Supportive, and Sought-After.

You decide – do you want 101 level from someone else or do you want real change in your organization?

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HRE Process

Most companies wait to see “obvious” signs, or experience an event in the workplace.
If it’s gotten to that point it has already been simmering under the surface, and affecting your organization. No company is immune – early intervention and prevention is the answer.


“I placed Stephanie in contact with one of my clients to provide DV counseling in a thorny situation involving an employee. The result was a win on all fronts: employee, co-workers, employer and me. In fact, one could argue the Workplace as a whole benefitted from a demonstration that targeted assistance can generate significant breakthroughs, especially in DV cases. I am pleased about the outcome and will certainly use Stephanie should a similar situation arise for another client.”
– Laurent Badoux, Attorney at Law, Greenberg Traurig, LLP


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Making Workplaces Safe, Supportive and Sought-After