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Professor Drops Gun

gun - back atcha

There’s been a lot of talk about guns in schools, teachers “packing” so they can “protect students” and so on.  It’s something that has never made me feel more comfortable.  I think there is more room for error than anything else.  A college student once told me that she was more worried about the “crazy teachers going off” than anything else.

And here we have an example of the whacky things that can happen:

Professor drops gun, shoots self in foot

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That question came up one Saturday morning as I was sitting with a group of about twenty men, all DV offenders who had been mandated by court to attend 26 weeks of classes.  I had been voluntarily joining these classes for 18 months to observe, learn and contribute.  I was enjoying this rare opportunity with the permission of the group leader.

On this particular morning, one of the men was doing a “thought report” where he was explaining in minute detail what had transpired during the fight which led to his arrest.  He admitted that a gun was involved – he said it was his girlfriend’s, and that her friend is the one who’d called police to report the argument; which she’d heard through the telephone.

He proceeded to minimize the intensity of the fight and gripe on and on about how the police stayed outside and wouldn’t come in to help stop the argument.  He called them chicken s—t.

“Wait a minute.”  I said.  “You have to look at it from the Police perspective.  They have no idea what they’re getting themselves into.  They have no idea how many guns, or what type, or where you are in the house.  Anything could happen, and Police are killed more often in DV calls than any other type.  Period.”

The men stopped to look at me.  There was a silence that would shake anyone’s confidence.  And then about 10 of them started talking.  “Yeah, you’re right” one said.   “Never thought of it that way”, said another.  “Oh, yea, there was that time when…”  And on it went.  It was good.  That’s partly what those classes are for.  To help the offenders, men and women both, to learn to see the bigger picture of a world beyond themselves; to take accountability for their actions and to see the ripple effect of consequences from their behavior.

I hope every one of them saw the article below that appeared on our paper the other day.  I hope they never think of these situations the same way again. 

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